Please St Jude help me reach the unattainable dream

by Betrayed Dreamer (Vic, Aust.)

I pray St Jude that you will help turn my life around. I have been lonely and depressed and miserable for so long when I want to live a life of love and lightness, positivity, enjoyment, romance, service, community, giving, success, prosperity.

I pray for your help in achieving my big dream – the out of reach, hopeless goal I have desperately longed for for so long. My wildlife park (with all of its components to help the world – myself included).
I pray for love and success, for attainment of my big goal, for a good life – to feel good.
My other ‘lost cause’ prayer to St Jude is that my life ruining lying cheating sociopath ex is stopped in his tracks. That there be an end to his nastiness, that no more women or young girls are used, lied to or degraded. That the hurt he causes ends – that he face consequences for his actions – that he really feel deeply what he puts others through, gets a clear reflection of himself, develops a conscience and true humility.
Please St Jude – these are two miracle that are huge but will make the world such a better place. These I dream of so clearly but cannot reach without assistance and without them my life is not worth living. please help.

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