Please St. Jude, hear my (our) prayer soon!!

by Mom (USA)

Thank you St. Jude for always listening. Today, I think, is my day 9 of my third Novena for my daughter G and her ex D to find their way back to each other. I’ve had a continues novena going for over a month now. So please make G and D’s love strong again. I have faith that my intercession will be answered in due time, therefore I will continue to pray and stay true to you. Please answer my prayer St. Jude, my Patron Saint of hope and the impossible.

I put all my trust and will into you St. Jude and also God, but please hear my prayers, my desperation for many reasons-All good reasons of course!
I know God has a plan for everyone, but hear my prayer and have trust in me, one more chance for my daughter and her ex to rekindling the relationship is truly appreciated. I pray all day and try to go to church almost daily, asking for your help St. Jude. My request will not be a mistake, I promise. They love each other dearly just afraid to communicate face to face. Please get them together soon to talk, one on one. Please!!!!
Also, please guard his heart by all the manifestations and temptations of others. Please clear his mind of all negatives and stubbornness and fill his mind, heart and soul with true love for my daughter again. Please reconnect them soon St. Jude. Please have him reach out to her quickly- Bring him to her with an open heart and reset their love for one another. I ask this of you through my daughter who promises me she will be more faithful and prayerful if this miracle is granted. She is constantly asking me if I “prayed today?” It has made a more spiritual person in me, and I promise to continue with my faith and spreading the word of God and to you, St. Jude. Please grant my prayer soon. My daughter and I are truly wonderful good people. She’s genuinely a great and caring person with a heart of gold. We, even as a fsmily, do a lot for others and pray our good deeds will be returned in this answered prayer. Not that we ask for a return, but hope that somehow it is looked upon. We promise to do more for others if our prayers are heard. PROMISE! I’ve been patient and so grateful for your understanding and help. Thank you St. Jude. I hope my next Publication will be good news of an answered prayer from you, St. Jude!