Please St. Joseph pray forme and the love of my life.

by JLH (WV)

Dear St. Joseph please for my and the love of my life. I have fallen in love with a wonderful man. We started dated 2 months ago. I have loved him for much longer.

He was very attentive at first. His wife died 2 years ago. He was very attentive to me until he went home to be with his wife’s family for Thanksgiving. He told afterward that he wanted to take it slow. He has since told told me that he may want to see other people. He still says that he really cares for me and wants to keep seeing me. He just needs to find himself. Please pray for me St. Joseph to our Heavenly Father in the name of His precious son Our Lord Jesus Christ that it will work between this man and me and we will be joined together in a long and wonderful marriage together in Holy Matrimony.Thank you St. Joseph for your prayers.

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