Please soften his heart and find a way for us

by LP ()

Please pray for our 13 year marriage. We have 2 children and my husband is now having a long distance affair with another woman in another country. He say he’s tried to break it off but he ends up right back where he started, involved with the other woman. He’s given up hope that we can ever be happy together again. I have not. I believe that God makes a way where we cannot. I believe that we can both come out of this crisis better people and start to build something completely new and better but only if we both trust in God and put ourselves in his hands. He knows it’s wrong. I’m praying for strength and perseverance from God.

I can only go forth as long as I know God is with me and for me. No weapon formed against me can defeat me as long as my God is with me. Please soften his heart and find a way for us to work together to win the marriage and the life God had in mind for us. God doesn’t make mistakes, we do. Lord, please help us. I feel so utterly alone and foolish.