Please set me free

by Cecelia (Europe)

Dear Lord in Heaven,

Why have my prayers been ignored? I’m so tired of the struggles and loneliness. I used to think being alone was the worst but being married and still feeling alone and unloved is so much worse. If I had the money I’d leave, I’d go home. I don’t even have enough money to pay bills let alone enough for me to start life over again on my own. My husband loves me but not as a wife should be loved; I don’t have any friends, my family lives thousands of miles away from me and my husband barely kisses me. I need money to get outof here, to try and begin a new life, that way my husband can find someone he wants to be with and maybe I can find someone to love me and make me feel soecial instead of making me feel like the ugliest woman in the world. I’m so sickof struggling,of everyone telling me to be patient. I feel like that movie City of Angels. The angel gave up everything to be with the man she loved only to have it all taken away. I feel as if you’ll let me win the lottery, find someone special and then give me a heart attack just when I finally get a chance to be happy. I’m tired of loneliness, of being broke of feeling like I’ve already died. Please help me, I can’t hold on any longer. I don’t even have money for a funeral if I died now. I need money, money to live, money to try and find a new life, a new love, money to be near my family. Please forgive me and help me now.

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