Please sell our home so that we can start over and leave the heartbreak behind

by Tara (Dover FL)

Lord- I have suffered so much with my Husbands Drug and Alcohol Addictions that I was forced to divorce the father of my child even while we reside in the same new home we brought our beautiful son home to just 4 1/2 years ago. He has lost his job due to spending all his money and mine and I cannot work due to the disorders my child has that prevent him from going to a conventional daycare. I have no family& no money but I do have an amazing beautiful huge home that needs to sell so that I can get a fresh start with my son and so that my Ex can too.

He is finally on the right path and goes to Meetings to help beat his addictions and deserves a 2nd chance at a new life. We are still living together and and he needs a job desperately for money and we need to sell this home before we lose it to the Bank. It is all we have now and I am so desperate for assistance with my son. Please help manage his disorders and help me get them under control so he can function normally and have a good life.

I want only the best for him and please help me work on my patience- I truly am so grateful to you and Jesus for his sacrifice to cleanse our sins. Forgive me for anything I have ever done that was not in line with what you want for your children!

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