Please save our home and don’t let us get evicted

by Sheila & Joe (Phoenix, AZ)

Dear Universe.Please let love into Ann’s heart. God please guide her to do the right thing by stopping this eviction and working with us. Please god let love and truth prevail. Please allow our landlord to feel your love and guidance to do the right thing and work with us. Please god don’t let us lose our home don’t let us get evicted. she needs to feel your guidance right now! let it be strong powerful and radiate through her body like warm sunlight the decision to do the right thing and work with us. And stop the eviction

If she refuses your love and guidance then please follow through with her punishment and Allow us, full of love and light to remain in our home through appropriate court action. Please at least allow the law to be on our side.
With love
Sheila Joe Oliver Lucy cats chickens bunny and peafowl

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