Please save my Step daughter

by Cindi (Sparta, Tennessee)

Dear father God,

Please help my step daughter Kayla to find her way back, she has been addicted to drugs then started shooting them up, she is 21 yrs old, she did agree to go to rehab, and did so for 20 days, then 3 days of her returning home, she left and went back to were she was staying and is using drugs again! her father is so heart broken over this! as is the family!! I ask you Dear father God, What can we do to help her? please show us the way!! and if it is not for us to do dear father God, I lay it in your hands and ask you Dear Father God to help heal what has made her to turn to drugs, and to show her the Journey to your ways, help her to see the light and bring her into it, so she will no longer be in the darkness!! I ask you to help her to be secure, and to believe in her self, to take responsibilities of loving and caring for herself! Please father God hear My Prayers!! Amen!!

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