Please save my relationship

Please Heavenly God, I please pray to you to help me and my boyfriend to become stronger and for us to overcome this huge bump in our relationship. Please God, I dont want a future without him, you put him into my life for a reason and i thank you ever much for him, but i ask that you please dont take him away from me either. Please God, you gave us this love for each other to be stronger. But it feels that you have softened his heart for me. Please God, I just ask that you please bring him back into my life with much love for me and that it would only stronger and never weak. I ask that you please let us become stronger after this and that nothing will ever stand between us again. Please, let him know that he cn trust me with all his heart and that he would neverhave a reason to doubt me again. Please God, please im begging you to please bring him back into my life and please never let his love for me never die. Amen, I love you so much God.

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