please save my marriage


I am so in despair. My long long marriage has fallen apart because my husband stopped having faith and belief in us. It is as though he is devil ridden and his mind is playing tricks on him to run after a woman the age of his own daughter and to abandon the very foundation of everything we built together. This woman is the work of the devil for she is only after him for his money which she thinks he has but he doesnt even have it. She wants to destroy my home and my family… please Lord stop this sin. If God is truly about love and hates sin, he would not allow a woman who has been married several times to barge in on my world and boldly steal it without one thought for my family, my life and my children. She only cares about herself and has not ever felt any guilt for the destruction she has caused. Please Oh Lord I dont want revenge, I just want my husband to face the reality that me and the family have been here cheering him on and supporting him in all the ways that we could. I have been with him for close to 30 years and she just barged into a made home and made life and thinks she can just take over like it was hers. This cannot be right and this cannot be the way of the Lord. This is Satan and I renounce him immediately from my husbands head and our home and our life. I want the Lord to reveal himself to my husband and guide him… to stand in the way of the fatal relationship with that woman because she is going to destroy him in the end. Please protect us, our home, our family and our marriage. Save us oh Lord and help us to find back to the loving, happy, peaceful life we had in perfect harmony with one another through love, laughter and understanding… Forver one God for all Amen

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