Please save my marriage

by Cindy (Kentucky)

Father in the name of Jesus I ask you to take the hold Satan has off of my husband and me and our marriage! You know that I have not been unfaithful and I beg you God to please show my husband. Speak it out loud, let him see a Bible verse he needs to see, let a Christian friend or co-worker tell him what he needs to hear, do what you must to show him that I have not and will not ever cheat on him. He has had his heart hurt in the past God please heal his heart and restore him with the love he once had for me.

Your word says that You hate divorce, it is not your will, that if we divorce and remarry others, we commit adultery. I claim this word as Your word in the name of Jesus Christ and in Your name rebuke the claws the devil has in this! In the name of Jesus devil you have to flee! We are both believers in You Lord but as You know we have fallen to the side. Bring us back to You Lord, bring us to church and heal this marriage and family as I have a son who considers this man the only daddy he has known! Please Lord Jesus I beg you Lord this marriage needs Your hand on it and Your healing power Please God fix this before the worst happens.

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