Please save my marriage from Divorce

Please pray for my husband and I and our ten year old precious son. We have been through so many trials this past year that we are at a breaking point. Money comes between us. It is tearing us into pieces.

We need prayers that our family unit stays together with so much adversity around us. We have been married over 13 years. God please save our marriage and help us fall in love again. We are desperate for help on the verge of divorce. Please pray for us and our son. So appreciated….

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  1. Faith

    Good morning I have been married 35 yrs
    This Sept to my wife no children both work
    Have endured money issues especially when
    I started a business got laid off also had to leave
    A great paying job owner was not honest in
    His business and now five yrs ago started a new
    Business again marriage not easy we commuted
    Not to walk away going to church each Sundsy
    Has helped tremendously I went alone initially
    She did not go I did not push her to go eventually
    She came and has done so for last 20 yrs
    We go even if we are mad at each other
    Some how when we leave all ok
    Please go each Sunday God hears you

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