Please save my life from debt I owe

by Ron (Wyominh)

Dear God you’ve left me alone fir 16 years to provide for my four children after their dad left us

Why lord no one to come along side me during my need for help physically financially and emotionally
I now have $98,670 dollars of debt I cannot possibly pay iam disabled with this neck injury that is getting worse I have been struggling with depression and three suicide attempts I was told by God that I would not was told by God that would not die and I am heating those words and trying to heal my family I need a life Lord I cannot live like this anymore I am begging for help Lord I need help now please find me someone to pay off all my debt so I’m a move and start a new life and be able to spend time with my children or now grown I need your help desperately please hear my prayers please don’t shut me out anymore iam a very desperate woman now and see no hope for the future without your help please help now!!!

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