Please save my husband’s soul!

by Jess (Kenner, La.)

Please pray for my husband, Preston Wade. Demarce, Sr. He has a drinking problem, & he is also diabetic. We R both separated. I live in Louisiana, & he lives W/his mother’s nurse in North Dakota. Ever since he in living there, he has gotten worst. He had hurt me, both physically & emotionally. He has called me down,on the phone. I haven’t heard from him about a month & 2 weeks. Only God knows, what is going on W/this man. I know he had said bad things about me, after all I did for him. He doesn’t appreciate anything. But he never admits to anything he does, everything is about me. How cold hearted is that? Please pray for his salvation, & to have remorse (A change of heart). Pray to make him realize what he did to me, was wrong. Make him remember all the stuff, I did for him. To repent, except Jesus in his life, & become a Christian. Do not let nothing come between him, & the evil people from becoming a changed man. To overcome his drinking problem, & everything else. This is an urgent prayer, that needs a lot of attention. I know W/God, nothing is impossible. God encourage me to put down, that prayer request. I know, there’s a reason for it. Thanks, & God Bless you!


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