Please Save My Family Lord

by D (OHIO)

Dear God, I need help on saving my family before my son arrives. I just turned 24 and was raised without my father (with a step father figure on the side) and I desperately don’t want my son to go through that. The anger I’ve bottled up and released on the people I love and love me, could be a side effect from dealing with that in my childhood, I’m not sure. But I wanna give my son something I never had, which is a Real Family because I know the importance of having both parents there. Kids want to be with their Mom and Dad. Unfortunately I have not been the best person to the Mother that’s having my child. Who is now six months pregnant, an out of five appointments I’ve missed three! I attendant the last appointment on the 5th she was very surprised. Currently she’s been telling me she doesn’t want me in her life at all! Even after the baby is born she doesn’t wanna try and work things out for him and she doesn’t want to live with me. I’ve said and did horrible things to the person who loves me the most. I can’t explain why I caused such pain to to her. Then on top of that I haven’t fully been there for her throughout the pregnancy. I have NO explanation for why I was doing this to her, myself and my SON! I feel horrible for those reasons everyday and I feel I have failed my son before he’s even here and that is killing me inside. I’m far from a bad person and I’ve always believed in GOD. Her not talking to me and saying we’re not going to be together is really bothering me. Only because i’m deeply in love with this girl and if i’m not with her, then I can’t watch my son grow by the day, I can’t watch him sleep at night, or I can’t send him off to school because I won’t be living with him. I can’t be there for him like he’s gonna want me to, if his mother and I isn’t together. I don’t want a replacement in his life! Only you LORD know’s how serious I am. This has been the biggest wake up call in my life, and I wanna make things right before it’s too late. I don’t want this situation to get into one big mess where multiple people will be left hurting including my son, me and possibly his mother. I hope and pray you find your way into her heart to suggest me having one more shot to prove my love and devotion to her and to my my son to come. I’m changing for the better regardless if we get back together or not. She doesn’t see hope in our future or me being able to change. So please LORD i ask you. “PLEASE help her see the good that is to come when we’re together as a Family and open her eye’s that I am gonna change for her, my son, myself and for you.” “Help her understand that once I get this last chance to prove myself i’m never gonna let her or my son out of my sight again.” She still has love for me she’s just very upset and confused right now so I KNOW there’s still a chance. I will continue to have faith and fight for my family even when she looks me in my eye without blinking and says is over we will never be together! PRAY FOR ME