Please Save and Help Me

by Gina ()

God it has been a year since the man I thought would never leave me for another woman did just that. I am still lost, alone, afraid, and I feel as though I don’t belong anywhere. I feel judged and talked about at work and I still have to live with my parents with our youngest daughter because I can not afford anything. I was in college when I was 19 and I believed him when he said that I did not need to go because he will always take care of me. 19 years and two kids later I am 37 and having to start all over. Our daughter stays with me but our son chose to stay with him and the other woman, who gave birth to their son in August. I can not afford all the things they promise my son so he stays with them. God I just want to able to provide for myself and kids, I want to figure what I am meant to do in life, have a home of our own, and find love again. God I am back in school but I can not even figure out how to embed a video on Youtube to upload it onto to work page. God I feel like a failure, I feel alone and I need you. God I have been praying to you and it feels as though you are not there. I need you God, I need your help in my life. You are the only one who can help and save me Lord. You are the only one who can help me with my life. Please come into my life God and please help and save me.

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