please Saint Joseph pray for me my Orphan kids

by Bon (Philly, PA)

please Saint Joseph pray for me my Orphan kids, our family that is greasing

For 9 family members that has passed away between March and May, not
To’ mention the other sick ones, Dear God, please pray for us.

Prayer to St. Jude
Please pray for me I am HOPELESS,DISPARED. The only thing I can say as
Gideon said if God is with us WHY are we going through this for 32+years
My GOD, My GOD WHY, WHY has Thou Forsaken me /us for 32+years,
Aren’t we your hand made too, I know I messed up and and I beg your forgiveness morning, noon and night, WHY me LORD, WHY, how much longer LORD.
Job said why died I not from the womb, why wasn’t I still birth and leave the
Womb to the grave and I said the SAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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