please reunite us with my parents and home

by Jassi (Karnataka)

Please pray for me us, lord as u r aware of everything,lord please forgive me and let my dad forgive me and reunite with my parents and family,lord please it is possible only with your miracle since years i didnt see my dad and till now didnt step into my home and hometown,lord jesus please have mercy and plz reunite me my son and my husband with my parents and family lord bless us with good health and peace as lord due to this i am so much disturbed and have no peace please lord bless me with peace and happiness ,lord remind my father now to talk with me to forgive me lord soften my dad heart now with your miracle and please reunite lord ,please dont disappoint me lord as i lost my patience since years i am bearing this pain and far of my family and home ,i lost my confidence lord i cant bear i lose faith on u lord, i cant bear as u r my god father,my lord ,my father please help your child ,your child need you,your miracle and always your blessings .lord wipe my tears please lord i need your answers lord please dont test my patience as i am tired lord please lord deliver me from all sins and mistakes and show me the way to happiness ,jesus please let my dad think positively abt me ,let him forgive me jesus i ask,i knock, and i beg u to please grant my prayers i beg u to please help me dont ignore me and my prayer requests,lord jesus please reunite mus with my parents and home amen,i pray this in your precious name amen.

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