Please reunite our family

Please Lord watch over and comfort my son Freddie & daughter Isla who are separated from me right now.

I miss them so terribly, Please keep them safe for me.
Help them to be strong and not miss me too badly.
Please give me the strength to continue the battle through court to get them home where they belong.
Please let the judge look favourably at our case and see the changes I have made.
Please give me the strength to continue my sobriety and continue being the best mother I can be to my son Oscar who is still with me.
Please look after my son Jacob in heaven and my nanny who I love and miss very dearly.
Please tell them I am so sorry for the mistakes I have made.
Please watch over Stefan and guide him to do the right thing and soften his heart towards me and the children.
Please forgive my sins and the mistakes I have made.

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