Please reunite my love

by Eileen (United States)

I’ve been praying for months for the return of my ex-boyfriend. When we were together we had a happy loving healthy relationship, life stresses got in the way and it ended, we’ve remained in contact but he is in a new relationship. His girlfriend is manipulative, abusive, selfish and is narcissistic. He has tried to leave many times but she has manipulates him every time. He wants to fix her so she appeals to him, however I fear his son will pay the price since he is at an impressionable age. Please give him the strength and courage to leave this abusive relationship and return to me. Help him open his eyes, mind and heart to remember what we once had.. My intentions have been true with so much love for us and his son, I’ve always been very patient ,loving, loyal, faithful and respectful. She has been abusive, disrespectful, degrading and manipulative yet her evil ways are prevailing. I don’t understand why? Please have him see the light for us, I miss n love him so much and I know he does too! I know with Christ all things are possible, lord with your help pleas reunite my ex and I back into each others arms. Thank you and I’d be very grateful for his love to be returned. Amen…

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