Please return my girlfriend, my soul and faith

by Sandy Johnson (Lexington, Ky)

Dear Lord

I have not been the perfect person lately and I have lost my girlfriend because of this. I have promised her if I could turn myself into the normal person, like she wants, I would. Many of my past relationships have caused me pain and heartache.

The cheating, the lying, just everything. This girl God, she’s the one and I have let her slip away. Please father, and all the saints and angels, please help me get her back. Please soften her heart and let her see, we were perfect together. Let all our memories we made together flow into her mind, help her see, that I am truly sorry and I will be the person she needs me to be.

I love her so so much and my heart cries everyday for her.

If anyone in heaven can help me, please help me, please give me a sign, the light that I see at the end of my road is almost gone. I need my soul and faith restored as well as my love Jackie.

Thank you Lord

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