please restore my marriage and bring my husband back to me

by Ace,S (Kissimmee, Florida)

Lord oh mighty, I want to thank you for all that you have done for me, for your blessings and for keeping me and my family in your grace. I come before you to ask that Lord you please restore my marriage and bring my husband back to me. To strength our marriage and make us reunite together as the union we are suppose to be. Lord please heal our hearts, wounds and place forgiveness where there is doubt and hurt, replace sorrow and pain with love and hope. Remove the anger, pride and ego from our lives and fill it with your grace, warmth, acceptance, and love. I know that all is possible through you, so I come humbly before you to make my family whole again! Reunite me and my husband, the love of my life! Bring my husband back to me, restore our lives together permanently and forever as you intended husband and wife to be. I love my husband and Lord forgive me for pushing him away when he wanted to reunite. Lord forgive me for not seeing the errors of my ways. I ask you Lord on might to forgive us both for the hurt we caused to one another. Lord I ask that you remove all temptations, doubt, and anything or one that intends harm to our lives. I am at your mercy. In you I trust Amen!

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