Please restore my job

by Lynn (Phoenix, AZ)

God, I did something that I honestly didn’t think was wrong. I have been suspended from my job because of my act. I ask that the prosecutor have mercy and understanding as my intent was NEVER criminal. I never harmed anyone. God knows I never took anything from anyone. God knows I am honest, and believe in Jesus Christ. I pray the prosecutor will decline to prosecute in my case. My son and my husband have suffered terribly. I’ve pushed my husband away because I feel guilt that he has to walk this tortured road with me. Please God forgive me. I’ve spent the last three months getting to make myself a better child of Christ. I know this situation is making me a better person. Please God I have faith that you will restore my job and keep me close to you. My life is yours and always have been even when I wasn’t obedient.

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