Please restore my husbands love himself , family and please restore his sanity.

by Sherry (Johannesburg)

Heavenly Father. Thank you that in difficult times, we can believe and trust in you . Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you in pray and raise our concerns. Thank you that we may always return to say thank you Father. Because you are there , always and know whats best for us.

Please Undertake for my Husband that you have blessed me with. Fight the demons he is facing now Lord, depression, guilt, hate, anger , dishonesty , irresponsibility and break every evil chain that has bound his heart and mind from you and his family that love him. Plerase work in his heart Lord, Please make a miracle for him to be the man you have ordained him to be. For his children , youngest being 9 months old …. Help him keep his job and fight whatever that is not of Thee. Restore his love for his wife and himslef Lord… Comfort him. draw near to him Lord and let him stand up to be the Man you have called him to be before he was born. We call for the Blood of Jesus to be over his life … Guide him and give him wisedom… Restore our Family again with a 1 Peter 3 wife and a Husband after Christ , so that we may be exampls for our children and family and friends. In Jesus name we pray and thank you Lord God.