Please remove the evil from my life


Dear Heavenly Father please forgive me for any sins I may have committed as I have not done so with bad intentions. Lord I ask for your guidance and ability to start a new chapter in my life. I have been in a unhealthy relationship off and on for almost nine years and have prayed that we would be able to make things work.

I have ended the relationship on previous occasions but always seem to be the “nice person” to “give another chance” or “help when they are in need”. But I am at my ropes end, tired of supporting them, being mentally abused, accused, cheated on and mistreated. I want to be freed from this other person and the evil that surrounds him. Lord please remove him from my home, ending this chapter in my life.

Please continue to be there for him, guide him and remove the hold that the devil has on him. I do not wish any harm on him, only wish that he will leave. I have told him many times that he needs to leave and he refuses and uses fear as a way to remain in the home. I am asking to return the protection I once had, asking to allow me to get through this.

Please allow my new chapter in my life to come soon and with no harm to me or my children. Lord please provide protection to my children and I and keep us safe and together. Please allow us to live each day that we are blessed with being happy and safe. Please turn our home into a happy, safe and loving home it once was. In Jesus name AMEN!

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