Please release all curses bestowed upon me

by annalise ()

Please God release any curses bestowed upon me. I lost my only child tragically from suicide 4 years ago, lost all friends, turned to alcoholism to self medicate bc the pain is unbearable. I have been raped, bashed and was a child of sexual abuse. Please God save me, protect me and lift me up and give me strength to walk ahead with faith and love. Please release any curses that may have been placed on me. I’m tired and need a break. Please God help me to NEVER touch alcohol again. Please set me free. I need you so badly God, I need you so badly. Please please come and walk beside me and never let me go. I love you God I’m so sorry if I did anything sinful. I’m frightened I’m tired I’m lonely. Please protect me.
In Jesus name
Amen xx
I love you God

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