Please reconcile my relationship with jobin

by Amala (India)

Dear God, please have mercy on me. I am going through so much pain for last one year. My man Jobin has changed and away from me. He is very rude to me and not interested in this relationship anymore. I can’t live without him. I left everything and everyone for him .

I love him. He has so much temptations and not a believer. Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from evil. I want him to come back to me. I want him to love me deeply and truly and marry me. Oh God please accept my request and have mercy on me. Please fill his heart with true love towards me and the wish to come back to me and marry me . Please make him realize his mistakes and my pain caused by his behavior and deeds. Please make him come back to me so that we can have a blessed life together. I love him so much.

Please remove all obstacles and evil spirits and prayers that make him go away from me and separate us from each other . Please bring him back to me. Let our marriage with each other be in your will. Let Jobin belong to me as my husband and let me belong to him as his wife. I beg you oh Lord. Please forgive our sins and grand my request. I thank you in advance. Amen. – Amala