please reconcile my marriage

by Anji (CA)

Lord Father, in your name and the name of your glorious Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I come humbly before you to first ask forgiveness for my sins. Father Almighty, you brought my husband and I together

First as wonderful friends who were inseparable then as companions to one another. And now as husband and wife. Right now my husband is away because of malicious lies created by hateful individuals. He is in prison. As we have gone through some very bad phases, he was abusive, on drugs, and unfaithful to me. I have learned by earnest prayer to forgive the past hurts. However now there is a person from his family that I recently met. He reminds me of my husband so very much. We have become close and unfortunately I have had an affair with him. I don’t understand why I keep seeing him for I truly love my husband. Lord Father Almighty please remove this individual from my life. He wants to marry me but my heart belongs to my husband. I feel lost and confused and now I come to you and beg that You will give me the will and strength to be faithful once again to my husband and allow us to reconcile our past hurts and become one again
Lord Father please allow my husband and I to be faithful to one another and recommit ourselves to each other with You Lord Father as our foundation in our marriage and home. Father please hear my prayers. Keep me away from this individual and allow me to be a Godly wife as You have commanded. Please remove this person from me. Please. I ask forgiveness for my sins and beg You to be with me always. Lord Father I pray this in thy name and the name of your glorious and precious Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen

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