Please rebuild my world

by Francesca (MK, UK)

Dear Lord and St Jude, at the start of this year I kissed in the new year with the love of my life. I felt I had never had so much love in my world and I was grateful. Since then I have lost 2 jobs, become very ill and lost my beautiful other to someone who only wishes to be with him out of desperation.

I am suffering financially, my home is at risk, I have argued with my sister and we are no longer speaking. Please help me through this, the pain I am suffering is too much to bear. I ask that I be reconciled eternally with my soul mate and that the other woman move away so that she may no longer interfere. I ask that i may be reconciled with my sister before her wedding. I ask that I am finally offered a stable job that i enjoy with good people and a salary that will enable me to keep my home.

I spend so much time looking after others, please Lord look after me. I need your assistance more than ever. St Jude I beg that you look favourably upon me and come to my aid swiftly.