please reach down and surround my son who is sad and sufferin

Dear God, my most gracious Heavenly Father, please reach down and surround my son who is sad and suffering. Please provide him with your protection, love, comfort, and strength.. Please help him to set his eyes upon you. Please help him remember that he is loved. Please help him get the help he needs to once again be happy and healthy. Please give me strength to trust you to take care of this. But, also please help me to know what to do and say to help him, to guide him and protect him. Please use me as a vessel to remove his pain. My heart aches for his suffering, but I feel my strength weakening. Please build up my strength and help me to sustain him and whatever lies ahead. Please help me not to be overcome by fear. Please help me to trust you. He is your child, please help me to remember that you love him even more than I do, and that you love me the same way. Please help me to remember that you will never forsake us or leave us. I give thanks and praise your Holy name for all the children and grandchildren you have Blessed me with. Please protect them all. We all need you, but right now, he needs you the most. Thank you God for your love, your power, and your strength. In Jesus’ Name, I pray, Amen.

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