Please provide peace for my daughter

by Rach (California)

Dear Lord, please provide peace for my daughter. She feels alone and unloved. She feels rejected by her peers and is struggling to find her place in this world. She is so depressed and I fear without your grace, love, and peace she could make a decision in which there is no return. She is being tormented by nightmares, sleep paralysis, her own thoughts, peers, friends who have turned against her. Help her, guide her actions with your love. Cover her with protection from the enemy and those who wish to see her hurt. Soften their hearts Lord calm the storm within her soul and fill her with your love and joy. Help her to forgive herself and those who have hurt her. Remove any bitterness that plagues her. Help her find comfort, protection, and peace in your love. Help her accept love from those who seek you and come with good intentions. Help her to know her worth.

Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer.
In Jesus name Amen!

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