Please protect this new life that we are so thankful for

St. Jude,

Thank you so much for your intercession in our lives. I am still very nervous about this week, but I do feel the Lord’s presence and St. Jude’s miraculous doings in my life. I know that I’m very worried about this week and I so do not want to lose my car. I trust in the Lord and I really believe that although this path is difficult at times, but there are a lot of blessings along the way.

Thank you oh Lord, for my husband’s job. Thank you for his renewed self confidence about his abilities, especially after this difficult year. Thank you for this new life and my amazing children. Thank you for a new home and hopefully, our ability to pay our bills.

Thank you for nourishment and the beautiful day. Oh Lord, please please let us be able to keep our car so that I can get to appointments and my husband can get to work. Please let us be fruitful both financially and physically. Please protect this new life that we are so thankful for. Please let this move go well and let us prosper financially. Thank you so much for your support and infinite love. Thank you St. Jude for the miracles I see everyday. That 100 was a blessing. In your name.


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