~Please protect me from nasty bullies in this multiple occupation Lord Jesus.~

by Darla ()

I just had some bully (I didn’t see who.) deliberately be very noisy near my room,put their laundry on so that the spin vibrated on the other side of my room and bang the door of the toilet quite a few times which is adjacent to my room and drop the loose lock of the toilet just because I expressed something about the door being banged of the toilet because it was like it was being done deliberately,and I have been bullied by a nasty Polish woman and others. There are also people outside making noises now at past midnight that this may be connected with ~ . No I am not pretentious or big headed and I don’t go round showing off so I am not sure why the Arabic guy from upstairs said about me “Who does that woman think she is?” No I am not trying to stop him having a social life, I think it’s acceptable for me to sleep in my own home in peace and I always take into consideration communal noise in multiple dwellings anyway ~ but there is a difference in intention between normal background noise and intentions to bully,I’m afraid I’ve got the latter from some other tenants trying to harrass me. I asked him to keep the noise down when knocking on his friend’s door at midnight/1 am but I didn’t really mean to say that, I was just bothered because it sounded like someone was slamming the door repeatedly of the communal toilet near my room. It just goes to show how in a somewhat hostile environment things can escalate just because you express something, I might have known I shouldn’t have reacted to the door slamming but I have expressed things like this to others here before.
So please help me not to be a target for nastiness please Lord , because I don’t deserve to be dragged down. Amen.

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