Please prayer for me to bring back my lover n his love n affection towards me

by Neeraja (Visakhapatnam)

Please prayer for me

My name is neeraja I’m loved one person from five years his name is sharan, his also loved me n his said we do marriage dis year wt ever hpn also ill nt leave u alone at any situation and dat nly his said to his bro n sis bt dey family members thinking to marry with dey uncle daughter bcz dey hv money
If his marriage means his mom will die ani his mom said
So his nt even talking to me nt beeng lovingly wid out saying nly his wented to saudi Arabia for job
I’m getting cry I hv hope on god nly he nly should bring him into my life again n gv joy n hpy to my self until end of my last breath
N god nly should bring Sharan n myself together rest of my lives
Please prayer for me
I’m feeling to end my self
If God also leaves me
God nly should change his heart wid full of love and affection on me n his should g important n priority to me understand me we live life together as husband and wife rest of my hpyly in jesus
I hope on god he can do anything his dng dis for me
Please prayer for me please I’m requests u

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