Please Pray We Get Back Together and Still Get Married

by Kimmie ()

Today is the day I was supposed to marry the absolute love of my life. We had the most beautiful relationship you could ever hope for in life. Our wedding and honeymoon was going to be just as beautiful as our love. Although we were very much in love, stress got to the best of us and we broke up a few months ago. Please pray for us. Please pray we can still work out our issues, get back on track, become a couple with one another, still eventually get married to one another, live together and have the most amazing, magical and beautiful relationship with one another again. Please pray my fiancé takes down his walls, is still in love with me, and opens his heart back up to me (us) again. Please pray he contacts me soon, we work everything out and still have our happily ever after. Please pray that our love is meant to be and we survive this bump. Please let today before the first step in my fiancé and I getting back together in a relationship with one another and developing a stronger relationship for having to go through this situation.

Saint Jude, Saint Anthony, and Saint Expedite: Thank you for everything you have done for me so far. I really appreciate it. Please help me again. Please bring my fiancé and I back together as a couple with one another again. Please help us work our ut our issues, get back on track, still get married to one another and have the most amazing life together again.

Thank you for answering all of my prayers. I really appreciate it. I promise to be forever grateful, thankful and appreciative of this most amazing gift of having my fiancé back in my life. Thank you for making it happen for us. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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