Please pray things get better for me

by K Lynne (USA)

I’ve felt very lonely my entire life and it didn’t bother me much until the end of last year. And then it hit me hard. I’ve been wanting to have a baby for almost seven years and thought, this time I had done it but got devastating news today that I am not pregnant. Completely broke my heart. And have been crying ever since.

I just moved to a new city and spend my time outside of work alone. My supervisor makes me feel like I’m horrible at my job, and I just want to go back home. But I’ve been praying for things to get better, but they are still the same. So please everyone, pray that something good happens for me. I would love to meet a good guy that can give me my miracle baby. Or just something really good to happen for me.

I’ve been wanting to just die all day because I feel like no one, not even God cares about me. So please pray that God makes things a little easier for me. Thank you everyone! I will pray for you all as well.