~Please pray that people will not patronize and bother me~

by Darla ()

~I have asked another online prayer service recently to pray that people will not talk to me as if I am stupid/need lots of extra help when I go out and about for the necessary, but this problem is still happening because today in the town where I live a woman in a convenience store was repeating herself unnecessarily to me and it was because I was out early this morning and the Post Office section of the convenience store wasn’t open until 9 am though before the Coronavirus they could sell stamps anytime, so she was acting like I need extra help and please under stand I am not over reacting to kindness. I have been sensitised by an accumulative effect of people patronizing me and there is no need for anyone to do that. ~ I do look young for my age and have an innocent looking face which doesn’t help this issue, apart from that I look normal as in not disabled because I am a very capable person and anybody who knows me can tell this, it’s people who don’t know me that patronize me. If I actually had a learning disability which I don’t, I would get treated far better than I have been! The way I have been patronized is not in a kind way, it has been in a bigoted and hostile way, so please pray for my protection against this. Thank you, I do have work and study to get on with.

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