~Please pray that my recent banging of my head has not damaged me~

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~I was traumatised by rape when I was 22 and it has left me with something resembling mild obsessive compulsive disorder in attempts to protect myself from threats my persecutor made to me. Recently I banged my head harder than I realized at the time, this happened on the 2nd April 2020 and I felt dizzy the next day because of it. I sometimes feel the need to repeat actions because of what I’m thinking at the same time as the initial action. This is because of what the rapist said to me. I tried to go in person to my GP to get checked because of my head banging but didn’t make it. This was because ot was making me anxious to go, the NHS have extra work right now because of the coronavirus so I turned back from an in person visit to my doctors after my head felt different after the repeated banging of it. I wanted seek online advice about this but had no working device to connect to the internet because of spilt coffee on my laptop which took way my working keyboard~. I got my PC checked and the keyboard on it no longer works but I bought a separate keyboard to plug into it so now resume my internet activities with that. Please pray for my health and that my brain will continue to function well. I need it.

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