Please pray that my husband softens his heart

by AJ (Arizona)

Please pray that my husband softens his heart and returns to me fully to be husband and wife – completely. Please pray that my husband accepts God into his life and into our marriage. Please pray that for my spouse to be the best husband, father, lover, friend and christian he can be. Please pray that our kids that they accept the changes that have happened in the past and want to move forward to where he is living so we can all be a whole family again – but better than ever. Please pray that I can be a forgiving spouse and have the strength to continue to fight Satan as he constantly tries to break us apart. Please pray that I keep my health in order to take care of my family. Please pray for us financially as we have been in a lawsuit for 6 years and it will probably last another 2 years. The stress from that alone is even to kill a person, let alone a marriage.

Thank you and God Bless!

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