please pray that my girl and I reunite

by Greg (Sydney,NSW ,Australia)

I did a stupid thing on Dec 29 duriung an argument with my girl friend Linda …I snapped and grabbed her hair which is unspeakable- I worked once in a refuge- I should know better- have NEVER done this before and I swear on my decease fathers soul ( he my best friend) it never will happen again…

we started speaking again Jan 16 -now but yesterday even though we went out fo dinner twice in last week she said it can never be as her son James (15) and Mya (12) don’t want me around and kids come first- she said she still loves me dearly but….PLESAE PRAY THAT WE CAN REUNITE- I am going to pray for all here now I have found this page…my name is Greg in Australia – maybe send me your email and I will gladly personally pray each night for you- thank u