Please pray that I overcome this feeling of fear

by Ross (MA)

Please pray that I overcome this feeling of fear I walk with everyday of my life.

I am a God fearing person who loves the Lord with all my heart. I try so hard to keep his commendments ingraved in my heart. I see myself as weak although I pretend to be strong when everday I’m breaking down inside. I have a 16yr old son who is being so rebellious, disrespectful and is sending my house hold in an up roar.

I will admit I have poor parenting skills and having did such a great job with parenting. As far as setting limits for them. I do understand what the bible instruction are when raising children. I often read Proverbs that clealy says he who with holds discipline from his child hates him. I suffer with that in my heart and I am greif stricken from my parenting skills. May children do know the Lord and has been brought up in chruch. Please pray for me that I stand for God in all I do. My heart is so heavy and I can go On on and on.

My sons name is Syo pray that Satan takes his hands off him and that he walks in to the greatness God has for his life, so God can and will get the Glory in the end. My son is also sick in his body and I know that he is sadden by all this.

Please keep my family lifted in pray. God bless you all. And May his light continue to shine over all the prayer worrior’s