Please pray that I can get out of debt

by G ()

Dear lord Jesus I am asking you to please help to get out if debt. I am trying to help my son through college as well as pay my debt on a mortgage as well as car payments and just debt accumulated over the years . Help me to receive a miracle . I worry so much every night and I really don’t want to stress anymore. I have lost so much in the past because of helping others. I have some items that are for sale please help me to get buyers for those items that will help me some debt . I pray that you dear God could teach me to make better financial discussions . I am sorry I have failed and have gotten Further into debt . I beg of you dear lord Jesus to please help me to receive a miracle to dissolve all this debt .

Thank you for the blessings of being a mother and for giving me my job and life I have. I just need a financial miracle to relieve my worries. I pray for just enough to pay off my debt. In your name I pray. Amen

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