Please pray that God touch both our hearts

(Edinburg, TX, US)

Pray for me and two kids that husband left behind for another woman. After 3 months of separation he has filed for divorce. Please pray that God touch both our hearts and renew our love and make it stronger than ever before. Also that he and I be better spouses to each other regarding understanding, compassionate, respecting, and honoring each other to be good examples for our children as they grow.

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  1. you are blessed

    Rely on God for everything and he will bless you more than you could have ever imagined. You are blessed that this man is no longer in your lives to damage the minds of your children because of his inability to remain faithful. Abandonment can be s blessing when you think of the damage he would cause by staying. You have new beginning with your children & can keep them on the path to the destiny that God has planned for them without any interferrsnce from their father. When I look at my children I wish there father had left yes it would have bee difficult but I don’t see any good out of his staying my children want therapy use drugs and don’t understand their father who doesn’t even understand himself, however I already see God changing things & he comforts me and reassures me that my children will be fine.

  2. For God to touch both your hearts

    I was in a similar situation recently (though my children are grown ). I prayed for God’s healing of my marriage and God brought health and strength. We are now in a better position, but still we need to work at it. Believe God will do what’s right for you and your family and it will come to pass. May God be with you and your loved ones. Amen..

  3. pray that God touch both our hearts

    Pray every day non stop and God will heal your broken heart and marriage. Go to Rejoice marriage ministries and start to stand on Gods promise that he will restore your marriage but start by having a personal relationship with The Lord. I am a stander for my marriage for the last few months and God has called u as u made a wows and u need to remember them. I will pray with u and for all marriages around the world be still and know God!!!!

  4. May God touch both your hearts and the other woman

    Whatsoever you shall ask when you pray, believing that you receive, you will surely have.

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