Please pray that a miracle occurs because we are hangingby a strand

by Beverly (Cedar Bluff, MS)

Dear God,

Forgive me when I have failed. Thank you for your unconditional love. Thank you for my children and grandchild. Thank you for the man I married who is not the same man that he was when we met. I ask for him to humble his spirit and be kinder, gentler and treat me like a human & not a possession.

I wish he would not cuss and break our spirits and dreams. I wish he would be more trusting of me because I was mentally ill and did some bad things with $$$ years ago but he refuses to let it go. I have always been faithful to him… he has’nt to me. He allows his Mom to try to “take over” and will not break the umbilical cord from her at 40 years old. He will not establish boundaries between his parents and our family. He does’nt even ask them to knock on the door of the house we live in before they just walk right in. He will not allow me to drive 120 miles to check on my Mom when she needs me when she is sick or even in the hospital. I worked for years before I became sick with cancer… my Mom was there for me, not him.

Please pray that a miracleoccurs because we are hangingby a strand.

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  1. 05/04/2016

    Dear my LORD i know i have a sin plz LORD forgive me i ask to win once lottery i will help others you are my Father i begging you my LORD in JESUS Name Amen

  2. Faith

    You are a very good person!
    My prayers are with you and your family
    Please go to church each Sunday even if by yourself
    Let your husband know he is welcome to join
    You and leave it at that do not push him to
    Go or nag him about it

    Jesus needs you

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