Please pray richard does right thing for us

Dear Lord please help richard John turner see his ways are wrong.hes allowed tow girls one including his ex to do spiteful evil and nasty things to me and this is in his flat when I’m not about.this girl sam who he has known for many years has been leaving her belongings there to deliberately split me and richard up she wrote on his wall my wife sam ratley and it wasn’t his writing she wrote in a lable on a cushion I brought for richard she put a dirty sanitary pad in my boot and he try to justify what they have done to me because I said it looks like something been going on sleeping together as I found her stuff there once for that she has been terrorising me and my grandad just passed away and I need him and he hasn’t been there I need him so bad at this moment.please take him away from sam and Sarah and make him see what he doing isn’t me with my housing Lord please guide me in right way.please show me a sighn richard John turner loves me still.lord hear my prayer.

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