Please pray over my husband and I as my husband left me late last year

by R.F. (Wpg, MB Canada)

Please pray over my husband and I as my husband left me late last year, after having an emotional affair then having a real affair afterwards. He has been living apart from the kids and I, and refuses to let go of the other woman as a friend even after God led him to repent of his affair to me. He refused to listen to pastors and instead focuses on evil and believes lies. I have been super kind to him and he acknowledges that but is angry that I have not ‘let go’ of him – how can I when God says otherwise? I have been led to pray for our marriage and his salvation so that is what I will do because I love the Lord and trust Him alone.

Please pray my husband will stop accusing and blaming me for all his decisions and sins, that his heart will soften towards me again and that God will lead him to see that love is a choice (he doesn’t believe it is), and that he can and should accept me as his wife as God gave me to him and we are one flesh. Pray that his pride would be knocked down and all idols would be smashed as he has always been focusing on his career and not paying attention to his marriage/family/God. He thinks he is Christian but does not follow Jesus nor obey His commands so he is deceived as that is not how God wants us to behave. We are under grace for sure, however he will not accept rebuke said with love so only God can get his attention now – please pray with me that God will get his attention in a mighty way. I am certain God Will will be done on earth as in Heaven! Thank you so much! God Bless you!

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