Please pray for us for God to intercede to our financial difficulties. Desperately need a miracle of financial

by Ghie Silas (China)

I pray that Our Holy Father will bring swift and complete wholeness back to our finances. We remain strong in the belief that Our Savior Jesus Christ who says “all things are possible through Him”, will hear our prayers and if it is God’s Will, there will be a blessing brought forth in the next days. Lord Jesus, we need urgent help, financial help. Lord, Please do not allow us to be homeless and shamed. Lord, Jesus, we are your children, please help us in our life also make a way for me and my husband to be together again. Bless our marriage Lord. Because of financial difficulties my husband is stuck where he is right now. Please pray for us… I thank all who join with me in prayer, as the Bible says, “should any two agree, I (Jesus) will be with them” , thank you for joining with my prayers.

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