Please pray for this child

by Lee ()

I am about to lay upon you the heaviest and most heartbreaking prayer request you will ever see. It is not for me, it is for a child that I heard about in a case, the most cruel, unrelenting, inhumane case I’ve ever heard of in my life. First I will explain the case for you to grasp truely how bad this is and then you can pray : The worst case I’ve ever heard of happened a few years ago. In Germany, a 47 year old mother allowed a child rapist who had just been released from prison to come into her house and start abusing her 6 year old son. He started by touching the child inappropriately and forcing him to watch pornorgraphy. Then he started raping the boy and filming the abuse. The mother knew what was happening and let the man continue raping her son. This man started distributing the videos on the darkweb where anyone could watch them. Eventually this boy’s own mother started also raping him because she didn’t want this man to leave her. She also recorded the rape and uploaded the videos to the internet. Then after a few months of them raping the child, one day the mother’s boyfriend met up with another child rapist and brought the boy to him. They took the boy to a dirt road and his mothers boyfriend let the other man violently rape this child. According to the court, they said that the rape was extremely violent and the boy actually cried and begged them for mercy and begged them to stop but they didn’t. They also filmed this rape and intended to use this particular video as an advertisement on the dark web to allow other pedophiles to see this boy and contact them if they wanted to rape him. However the rape at this dirt road was Sooo horribly violent with the boy crying and begging so much that they themselves said they couldn’t use that video because he was begging and crying too much. So later that day, that same man came to the house and the boy’s mother left a bondage rope on the bed so that this man could tie up her son and he raped him again to make a new advertisement. They then put Ads all over the darkweb which enabled many pedophiles from across Europe to contact the boy’s mother and her boyfriend so they could come to the house and rape the boy. They let several men come to the house and start raping their own son, and while they were using him as a prostitute, they themselves were also still raping him and making more and more videos which they were selling. The boy ended up being raped by many many different men an extreme number of times and all of them also filmed the abuse and sold it on the darkweb. Sometimes these men didn’t come to the house to rape the child but instead his own mother would drive him to them and watch them rape him. She witnessed many of the countless acts and she never did anything to stop it even when he begged and she infact would also participate in the rape and rape him with these men at the same time. Whenever he resisted, he was violently beaten and called names. On several occasions they also placed a bag over his head and raped him so he couldn’t breathe. The mother and boyfriend also tied him up every single day after school and verbally abused him and even filmed that. The court also said that the mother apparently performed the most violent acts out of everyone, and this is absolutely heinous since all these men were raping him so violently that he begged and cried, but the fact that the court said his own mother performed even more violent acts is absolutely unthinkable. They played a video in court showing how she was raping and abusing her son and he was screaming and crying for her to stop but she didn’t, she just kept on going , she and these men were charged with rape, physical and sexual and emotional and psychological abuse and extreme humiliation and bondage and forced prostitution and making and distributing child pornorgraphy. She didn’t care about him at all. She allowed her boyfriend to repeatedly rape him, then she repeatedly raped him and they allowed several men to rape him multiple times and she even provided these men with ropes and child rape kits to use on her own son. The abuse carried on for years until it finally ended recently. The boy is currently 14 years old, the abuse started when he was 6. He’s mother told him that if he ever told anyone what was happening to him, she would give him up to foster care so he actually didn’t tell anyone because he wanted to be with her but at the end she used him and destroyed him and let countless men rape and destroy her own son and he still ended up in foster care now. And if this isn’t all bad enough, almost all the abuse was filmed which means videos of the abuse are currently all over the place and there are countless videos.

This child is now all alone in pain, and if his own mother raping him isn’t enough for him to breakdown everyday, he also has to live with the fact that she allowed so many men to rape him and that all the abuse was filmed which means he’d be constantly living in pain and fear and trauma and the paranoia of people finding those videos which are permanently on the internet.
And by the way, this child apparently called the mother’s boyfriend “papa” which in German means dad. That means the boy thought of this man as his father and was so happy to finally have a dad after never knowing his biological father and then this happened.
I can’t even put into words how much my heart has broken for this child. My heart grieves for him every single day. He has absolutely nobody in his corner after the most cruel and unforgivable abuse that he endured. Most children who go through that can go running to their mothers for comfort but this child’s own mother was the one who raped him and rendted him out like a dog. How alone do you think he must feel every day. He has noone to turn to, he has to suffer all alone in pain with memories so evil it would give him no peace. Please, PLEASE pray for this child. He needs Jesus so heavily. Please ask the holy spirit to lead you to pray for him, there are so many things I’d ask you to pray for him, but just ask the holy spirit to take over when you pray for him, only God knows what this child needs so when you pray please ensure you ask the holy spirit to take over before you start praying for him. And if you can pray in tongues then please also pray in tongues for him. Let God the father do for and to this child what only he can do in Jesus name. And please pray for him constantly, not just one time, he has nobody looking out for him. He needs someone in his corner after such unrelenting abuse. Please be that person for him. Let the holy spirit lead you as you pray for him in Jesus name.

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