Please pray for the healing of our relationship

My fiance left me yesterday, and no longer believes that she can love me.

We have been struggling with our relationship since January, when she became infatuated with someone that she met online and then started lying to me about it and hiding it. She has since backed away from this person I believe, but she feels that she cannot love me again and does not want to be with me.

She has lead a troubled and sad life, as have I, but she has been stuck in a rut since before we met, and I have been trying to help her get out of it for years now. We have a 14 month old son together and we were soon planning to start a new life as a family and move away from her troubles.

I believe she became afraid of a truly committed relationship with me, and that she misses the thrill of new love.

We have been very happy together until our troubles now, and I believe it was God who brought us together to bring each other out from the depths of a horrible loneliness that we were both trapped in.

Please pray for our future, and that she can remember what we once had and what we mean to each other. I love her dearly, and the thought of a life apart with our son stuck in the middle is so painful that I can’t bear it.

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