Please Pray For the Complete Healing of my Mother from Cancer and Full Recovery from Her Treatments

by Em-En ()

To everyone who could get a chance to read this, may I ask even just a little of your time to pray for my mother Elsa. She has been diagnosed with endometrial cancer, and has already undergone surgery to remove the tumor.

But it would just be the start for she might be advised to have radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy as what her doctor has said. However calm and tough she may portray to us, she has been hurting inside and is down with lots of worries and fears more than us around her: from her physical aspect to emotional and even our financial status if how we could sustain everything especially to get the best treatments she needs.

Having a loved one who is diagnosed with cancer, no matter what stage it is, will always leave everyone in the family feel helpless with sadness, fears and tensions that could not always be explained. You just dread losing someone you love from a disease which is very treacherous either gradually or in a snap, more so if there are treatments available but you just can’t avail them right away.

That’s why I ask everyone to pray for my mother’s total healing from cancer and all the pains and illnesses she has been suffering from, and also for her and our family to have all the faith, strength, hope, patience and assistance that we need during these times. May the Lord always be there by our sides, comforting us and reassuring us of His love and support.

Please also pray for every staff in the medical team that as God’s instruments of His healing, may He give them all the guidance, competence, efficiency and effectiveness that they must render to my mother. I know that God is the Greatest Doctor, everything that would happen may it be according to His will.

Dear Lord, may you touch the body and soul of my mother and take cancer away from her. Please don’t let it have any chance to come back anymore in her body. May you restore her health, and bless her with a better and long life to proclaim your glory. Amen!

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  1. Been There Before

    You are in my prayers. I pray that your mom and your family gain strength to get through this trying time. Just always remember that the Lord will always keep you close to his bosom in your time of need.

  2. Healing of your mother

    Your mother will be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope your mother is already feeling better.

  3. Prayer for your Mother

    Praying that not only your mom be cured of her cancer but also that the Almighty Father shine down on you with favor and give your family strength during the difficult journey. Amen.

  4. Faitj

    Good morning Em-en

    My prayers are with you your family

    And for healing of your Mother

    I know she is a great Mom

    Jesus needs you please go to church

    Each Sunday

    Mom will be ok!

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